Spiritual Response Technique 

with Jan Harris

Personal Healing with Jan 


Call 541-345-9654 or e-mail me  Jan Harris

We can talk for awhile and you can decide if an SRT clearing is what you need and if I am the right person to do the clearing for you.


Depending on your needs and your availability, there are different options for your  session. We will discuss which one is right for you. Payment: $90 per hour. Sessions usually last two hours or less.


As a practitioner I access my High Self connecting with the client's High Self. With the use of a pendulum and many informational charts an amazing dialogue ensues that begins to clear a path of self awakening for the client.


Our subconscious mind with its amazing storage capacity has much to let go of, it never sleeps or seems to forget. It remains the path to a person's divine archives that is in touch with all that ever is. The client's High Self directs us to what is ready to be released and what harmony can replace the behavior.