Spiritual Response Technique 

with Jan Harris

  SRT is a form of healing that works at your soul level, identifying and releasing emotional issues. These issues may stem from past lives and other dimensions of awareness. They are found in your Akashic records also known as your subconscious mind. Every thought, every moment of your existence is recorded in these records. 

In your current life, beliefs, perceptions and judgments may be getting in your way. Its like a computer running a program from its original operating system that blocks new information. With SRT we identify the active habitual behaviors that no longer serve you and we release them. 

 Buddha, Jesus and most other Spiritual luminaries taught that there are ways to release incongruous feelings. We have the knowledge about how to end suffering now, so a wise suggestion is to find a practice that works for you and reach enlightenment in this lifetime! I think that is our goal. 

  When behaviors get in our way that sabotage our bliss, we feel lost or unable to reach what looks attainable. To be free of our judgements about our manifested 'demons' could actually liberate us to be present in the NOW. The more we are able to let go of limiting behavior, the freer we are to be. 

 What we need is a way to continue to release outdated behavior without having to repeat life and death scenarios. We need the ability to move through and clear subconscious blocks, obsessions, habitual behavior and emotional limitations. 

 There is a tool called Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) that addresses this need. SRT allows us the ability to research and communicate with our Akashic records or Soul records.  

 Through SRT one identifies the emotional programs that are running at the cellular level. A spiritual reawakening process begins at the soul level, which allows the soul to recognize the purpose of the emotional blocks and then opens the program to be released and replaced with harmony. At the very least, the results include more inner peace, greater self-understanding and self-acceptance. Our judgmental self quiets so that our relationship with our-self will deepen and improve.  Interactions with those around us noticeably change. At the very best, we see dramatic turnarounds in aberrant habitual behavior and limiting personality traits.

What  is Spiritual Response Technique?